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  • Secured SMS Messaging
  • Patient Lookup
  • Intergy Trained
  • Instant and Direct Messaging
  • Overflow
  • Emergency After-hours Calls
  • Customizable Situations
  • Mistake Tracking
  • Office Status Scheduling
  • Fax / Email Scheduling
  • On Call Scheduling
  • Detailed Dispatch Logs
  • Vacation De-Activation

“We have been using our answering service for many years and we are completely satisfied. The staff is always pleasant and completely reliable.”
Beth McGilligan, Practice Manager Offices of Drs Constantine and Wolfe

Medical Calls Cost

Just ask us.... About our custom pricing solutions


Basic Monthly Rates

Monthly rates start as low as $25 per month but are customizable and dependent on call volume and blended automation. Flat rates and roll-over rates are offered for multi-location businesses and clients with unique requirements.

Receive a Check from PCC

Our Client Referral Program (CRP) provides a 10% monthly residual credit for any new client referred by you to PCC. Helping clients earn income while utilizing PCC’s professional services is another facet which separates PCC from any other call center or answering service. This supports our ability to consistently remain as the Industry Leader.

Contractual Obligations

PCC’s growth has been largely dependent on client referrals; therefore, a 30 day contractual term is another indicator of our confidence and willingness to provide the highest quality of service without locking any new or current client into long term contractual obligations.