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“We at PBR Services appreciate all of the hard effort you have put into our service. You have handled the emergencies (reporting to us) beautifully and the telephone manner is great and goes above and beyond politeness. All the staff know us well. We look forward to calling in just so we can say hello to everyone. It is nice to have that personal touch. All of our appreciation for such a beautiful job.”
Ben Biamonte, Owner
PBR Services

HVAC & Oil Calls Services

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We Make It Easy

Highly skilled and trained agents within the HVAC and Oil industry interact with your callers and staff in a professional, friendly, and courteous demeanor. HVAC Calls (HVC) polite staff obtains mandatory and accurate information which is reliably transmitted to your office or after
hour on-call staff.

In addition, integration with your software to access delivery, maintenance, and customer web portals eliminates the duplication of work and provides a seamless transfer of data between HVC and your office(s).

Situational Awareness & Dispatching

HVC’s NEW Situational Awareness Feature (SAF) has propelled us as the Industry Leader by encoding customizable and time sensitive instructions. This unique feature guides our agents and staff to process every call efficiently, regardless of the limitless number of scenarios your office and the HVC staff will handle within a single day.

Front Desk Automation

Allow HVC to create a highly refined and professional auto answer environment allowing for the possible segregation of call volume. Our unique Asterisk-based technology is the world leading telecom IP-PBX and allows for unlimited features, such as, voicemail to email for non-urgent calls and hosted phone extensions readily available from anywhere in the world.